Gifts in Action

Thank you to each and every donor to the Foundation, for all you have done for Queens General Hospital patients and for the health of our community. Here are some of our past projects:

  • The Foundation was a major funder of the modernization of Queens General Hospital, completed in 2014, providing over $7 million.

  • The Foundation funded the Rehabilitation Department at Queens General, investing $.5 million to create a modern rehab unit.

  • The Foundation regularly purchases needed diagnostic equipment for better inpatient and outpatient care.

  • Eating healthy is important to patients and staff. That's why the Foundation supported the purchase of a new steamer for the hospital kitchen.

  • A C-MAC laryngoscope was needed in the Emergency Department. The Foundation funded this needed equipment.

  • In collaboration with the Health Services foundation of the South Shore and the Fishermen's Memorial Hospital Auxiliary, the Foundation has supported the South Shore Bursary program for over 10 years. The program supports students entering the health care field. Students receive up to $5000/year, making a commitment to come to the South Shore for a specific length of time upon graduation.

  • Investing in Community – from time to time the Foundation supports community health initiatives. Recent recipients have included the Queens Care Society for their work around seniors' issues, and the Adult Day Program at Queens Manor.


Donor Recognition

The Foundation is pleased to recognize our donors' gifts in the following ways:

Donor Wall

The Queens General Hospital Foundation Donor Wall, located in the main lobby of the Queens General Hospital, recognizes those who have made significant contributions since 1983.

Each plaque includes the name of individuals, families, organizations, or companies. Names can also represent tribute, memorial, or estate donations. Changes to the Wall are made in a timely manner.

Donors are recognized at the following donation levels:

Contributor – A single contribution of at least $1000, up to $4999


Supporter – A single or cumulative contribution totalling at least $5000 and up to $9999


Builder – A single or cumulative contribution totalling at least $10,000 and up to $24,999


If a contribution is greater than $25 000, the Foundation will consult with the contributor. The recognition could take several forms, in a manner consistent with similar past contributions.

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